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About us

NITROMAX is a company specializing in servicing customers from various branches of machine, automotive, aviation, tool, plastics processing, mining, and communication industries. The wide range of services offered is an important aspect of cooperation with companies with very diverse requirements, and the high level of services provided results in a constant influx of new customers interested in starting cooperation.

Our advantages:

  • the most modern nitriding and nitrocarburizing
  • perfect repeatability of results in subsequent technological processes
  • furnaces with the ability to process elements of the largest mass and dimensions on the Polish market
  • full archiving of process data
  • quality assurance system compliant with PN-EN ISO 9001:2009 standards
  • technological supervision carried out by specialists with over 20 years of experience gained in various companies from the Polish, European, and American markets
  • proficient staff ensuring the superior customer service
  • competitive prices for services provided
  • the shortest lead times for order fulfillment on the Polish market
  • our own transport of loads to and from the customer
  • ecologically sensitive, constantly reducing gas consumption and atmospheric emissions


NITROMAX has many regular business partners in companies from various industries, such as:

  • aluminum pressure die-casting foundries
  • matrix forging companies
  • plastic injection molding companies
  • aluminum profile extrusion companies
  • toolmaking companies
  • steel profile and component makers
  • copper alloy component makers
  • manufacturers of plasticizing systems for injection molding and extrusion machines
  • gear manufacturers
  • manufacturers of components for automotive engines
  • manufacturers of automotive parts
  • manufacturers of sanitary and industrial fittings
  • aerospace hardware manufacturers
  • mining equipment manufacturers
  • toy manufacturers
  • manufacturers of household appliances


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Grzegorz PALUCH
Vice President
Specjalista ds. Analiz Metalograficznych
Specialist in Metallographic Analysis
Szef Produkcji
Production Manager

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