Azotowanie Przyjazne Środowisku – NITROMAX


Controlled gas nitriding by the Zero Flow method and custom multi-gas applications

Carried out in furnaces with useful dimensions of retorts Φ 1000 × 2000 and Φ 1200 × 3000 and a maximum charge weight of 5000 kg

Basic properties of nitrided layers:

  • very high resistance to abrasive wear with good mechanical properties of the layer
  • layer thicknesses from 0.05 to 0.70 mm
  • layer hardness (depending on the steel grade) for carbon steels from 270 to 400 HV, for alloy steels from 550 to 1200 HV

Stress-relief annealing

Carried out in furnaces with useful retort dimensions of Φ 1000×2000 and Φ 1200×3000 and a charge weight of up to 5000 kg.

The process aims to change the stress state in steel tool and structural elements, with the following objectives:

  • Limiting deformations during final finishing machining and thermo-chemical treatments (performed after rough machining).
  • Limiting the formation and delaying the initiation of crack networks in mold and die elements (performed periodically during tool operation).

Laboratory tests in the field of metallography

Preparation of hot-included sample specimens, microhardness measurements, hardness distribution analysis, optical layer measurements, and evaluation of structures on etched samples.

Measurement of hardness on stationary and portable hardness testers (including in areas with limited access) using the Vickers method.

Transport by delivery vans

Transport of loads solely for our own needs to and from clients by delivery vans with a capacity of up to 1.5 tons within the country and abroad.

Currently, the company has a fleet of 7 delivery vans that regularly perform deliveries from different regions of the country, from Lublin and Rzeszów to Wrocław, Wałcz and Bydgoszcz.

We do not provide transport services for external entities.

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