Azotowanie Przyjazne Środowisku – NITROMAX


NITROMAX has the most technologically advanced and newest machinery park for carrying out nitriding and nitrocarburizing processes in Poland, produced by Seco/Warwick and Remix.

Our furnaces – machine park

Seco/Warwick VRNe-120.300-660
Φ 1200×3000

Remix PNF-07/1600
Φ 1000×2000

Elterma PEGAT-100.200-650
Φ 1000×2000

All of these devices have the following components:

  • the most advanced computer systems for controlling processes with very high precision in process management (temperature distribution in the working space +/- 3°C)
  • the most technically advanced and reliable nitrogen potential control systems from Stange company
  • high-efficiency mixing turbine systems that ensure perfectly consistent nitriding results throughout the volume of the charge
  • high-performance heating and power control systems that reduce energy consumption
  • precise gas dosing systems that ensure the ideal composition of the process atmosphere and limit emissions to the atmosphere.


Laboratory equipment consisting of:

Cutting machine
TOP TECH Alocut 200

Mounting press
TOP TECH Presidon ML 32

TOP TECH Plato EF M1/250
Metallographic microscope

Microhardness tester Vickers
Portable hardness tester

Sample elements processed in NITROMAX company’s operations

  • die inserts for aluminum die casting
  • shot sleeves systems for die casting
  • dies for extruding aluminum profiles
  • dies for hot forging
  • stamping dies for car body parts
  • cutting dies for automotive components
  • molding inserts and slides for plastic injection molds
  • elements for producing concrete profiles
  • screws and barrels for injection molding and extrusion machines
  • drive shafts
  • rolls for rolling mills
  • crankshafts and camshafts
  • automotive components
  • gears and gear shafts
  • hydraulic power components

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