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Nitromax plays with jazz musicians

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May 2023

Our company became one of the sponsors of the International Traditional Jazz Festival, which takes place annually under the auspices of the Polish Traditional Jazz Association at the Czestochowa Philharmonic. This is the largest festival promoting this type of music in Poland and one of the most significant in Europe.

New analyzers

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April 2023

In connection with the implementation of new process control systems on our furnaces, new analyzers were purchased from a leading German manufacturer. They have even greater accuracy in controlling furnace atmospheres.

Renewing our fleet of vehicles

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March 2023

In March and April of this year, to ensure even better conditions of cooperation with our customers, two additional delivery trucks were purchased, expanding our company’s fleet of vehicles.

We are therefore the leading and the only provider on the Polish market of comprehensive heat treatment services with transportation. The current fleet of delivery trucks ensures excellent door-to-door service for our customers without delays or logistical problems.

Innovative process and control systems

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February 2023

In February of this year, after a testing period, the most advanced control and monitoring systems for nitriding processes available on the Polish market were implemented in our company. These are systems from a leading global manufacturer dedicated only to nitriding, and nitrocarburizing processes.

The specificity of modern dedicated systems lies in the use of precise control-measuring systems, computers, and control apparatus for even more accurate process management and obtaining super-precise nitriding results, especially on steels where nitriding is difficult. An additional supervisory system monitors the individual control blocks, taking over control in emergency situations and allowing process control from any location.

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